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In house gear. Rented gear. DIY gear. As long as it works to tell the story.

Visual Media Expertise At VNeck

The Future Of Video Expectations.

We work across all sizes. 6K, 5K, 4K, 2K, 1080, or 720p.

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One man crew turned startup. Startup turned entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship turned into video and audio production. Along with live streaming and projection mapping.

Live Streaming Production 

Broadcast to millions of viewers online, live in 1080p or 720p HD. From one camera coverage to multi camera world events. We supply all gear for live stream broadcast. If you need extra power, we can build it in house. Streaming examples within the next update.

We stream and encode to multiple platforms


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Video + Audio + Live Streaming + Digital Projection

RED + Sony jumping on ProRes. Why now ?

For those who have used Apple editing software; you are well aware of the lossy video compression format called ProRes. Introduced in 2007 within Final Cut Studio 2, ProRes has surged as a leading codex. External recorder manufacturers, as well as video camera companies are designing their software to output ProRes for post production. Why the sudden […]

4K video on iPhone

Arizona based i4software creates an app entitled Vizzwig 4K. Delivering 24 high res images per second; it stitches these together to create 4K video that is downright stunning. The ios app also lets you edit footage, create transitions, text, music. Exporting creates a 4K video that is ready to upload to 4K online media solutions. App price is […]

14K projectors visually transforming your environment. Leave your audience, clients and concert goers in awe.

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